Thursday, March 22, 2012

Beach bums for life

First anniversaries are BIG, so of course that constituted a BIG trip for us.  West Palm Beach?  Perfect!

We have been planning this trip for about a year now.  It helped that Josh's sweet brother-in-law was getting married and asked Josh to be in his wedding.  Josh was beyond honored, and I was so excited to get a chance to go to the wedding and head to the beach at the same time!

So we thought, planned, re-planned, then headed out.  After work on a Tuesday afternoon we hit the road south bound.  Yes, hit the in drove.  Drove.  THIRTEEN HOURS.  I know...we are crazy...we know that now!  Although, the trip down there wasn't that horrible.  We stopped almost exactly halfway in Tallahassee, slept about five hours, then got back on the road.

We got to town at a decent time.  We went straight to Bubba's gorgeous house, unpacked, then headed out again.  First was to a family gathering not far out of town.  Bubba's family is so amazing and fun.  We have missed being around them and were so happy to be able to reconnect and meet the ones we hadn't had the chance to meet before.  They welcomed us, accepted us, and made us feel at home.  We enjoyed so much having several days to be surrounded by them.  After family time we headed out to the beach.  It was windy and hard to see too much, but we walked out on the pier and soaked in all the ocean air!

The next day Bubba and Michelle had to work, so Josh and I ventured out on our own.  Shopping, sight-seeing, and hitting the beach.  It was a great day, but the weather wouldn't cooperate too much in the whole swimming department.  We found a tree right off the beach, and decided to try to climb it.  Hey, if we couldn't be on the beach at least we could be outside!

That night we also went out to an amazing dinner at a great place Bubba and Michelle recommended.  I have been dying to try Chilean sea bass for awhile, and that night I finally got my chance.  Go try it!  It definitely did not disappoint!

The next day we slept in and then headed out to the beach again.  This day we had MUCH better luck weather wise.  The beach was absolutely GORGEOUS!  We played in the waves for hours.  And even though I did suffer several jelly fish stings, it still didn't deter us.  It was the most amazing day!

To add to the amazing day, that night was Bubba and Michelle's rehearsal dinner.  We headed out to Michelle's parent's house not too far down the road.  Their home was beautiful, and the way they had transformed the backyard was magical.  That night we were able to visit and laugh with lots of family, new friends, and meet all different types of people over a delicious seafood boil.  The weather was perfect.  It was a great night, and it brought back so many memories for me and Josh as we reminisced about our rehearsal dinner almost exactly one year before!

Then it was time for the big day!  This was a day that we were so excited to see, but at the same time sad that it had already come.  We were so happy for Bubba and Michelle and the day that marked the beginning of their new lives.  At the same time, we were sad because we knew this meant we would soon have to head home.  The wedding was beautiful, everything fell perfectly into place!  The reception was gorgeous and fun.  Bubba and Michelle looked like they were floating on cloud 9...I mean really what else matters besides that?  We were so excited to be able to be there and be part of their special day.  Bubba's influence on Josh's life means more to us then he will ever know.  It meant the world for us to have the opportunity to be there with them.

The ONLY downfall of our entire trip was the journey home.  Honestly, I still shudder to think back to it.  Miserable is about the only word that can describe it.  We hit the road at 8PM Florida time and headed home.  I begged to stop in Tallahassee...halfway.  Josh wanted to make it to Pensacola.  It would be a further ride, but his reasoning made sense as much as I hated to admit it (and didn't).  He wanted to make it that far because we would only be a little over four hours away from home.  He wanted to stop at a hotel in Pensacola, sleep in late the next morning, and then get up and be able to hit Pensacola beach and shop around before we had to get home.  He thought the closer we were to home the more time we would be able to spend out playing.  I couldn't resist an extra day at the beach, so I was game!  Ahhh the best laid plans...

We stopped at hotel after hotel at exit after exit.  It was about three in the morning.  There were NO ROOMS....ANYWHERE!  That is when I realized that we had to push on and make it home.  We weren't going to be able to find a room because everything was over-run with spring breakers.  All I wanted was sleep and a beach (although sleep was winning and I wanted it a whole lot more than the beach at that moment).

So we drove.  And we drove, and we drove, and we DROVE!  The going home end of the trip seemed never-ending.  At 9AM LA time we finally pulled into our driveway.  I don't think we have ever been more excited to see Thibodaux not to mention our house!  

Now that we are home and almost fully recuperated, all we can talk about is how much we cannot wait to go back to Palm Beach.  We miss Bubba and Michelle already!  Even though they were super busy and semi-stressed when we were there, we were still able to have a fabulous time with them! We want to go back during a calmer time for them...a time when we can all go out together and sight-see, tour the city, and play!  We also know that no matter what, the next time we go (which hopefully will be fairly soon) we WILL BE FLYING!  No more 13+ hour drives for us!

So until next time West Palm Beach.  We will be beach bums for life!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Our first trip around the sun

Three. Six. Five.  That's how many days it has been since our magical wedding day last March (ok technically with the leap year it has been 366 days, but who's counting)!  I can't believe how fast this year has flown past us.

Eight years ago this is who we were.  Just a couple of kids, trying to get out of high school and small town life, trying to make sense of the world.

Nowadays, we don't know why we rushed growing up so much.

We had the life then...and we still do now.

So much has happened to us, so much has changed for us, and so much has changed us in these past eight years.  We aren't the same crazy, fly by the seat of our pants teenagers we were then.  We have turned into crazy, fly by the seat of our pants adults...with a little less crazy and a lot more responsibility. We have been with each other for what seems like everything, supported each other, cried with each other, and most importantly laughed at and with each other.

Time doesn't change people.  Time gives people opportunity to grow together more and form a stronger bond.  Time gives people more time to love and develop that love for one another.

Our engagement came in the middle of hunting season in January of 2010.  In the middle of the woods, outside of a box stand in Little Rock, Mississippi I answered one of the easiest questions I have ever been asked.  I still get butterflies thinking about that day.

Can't stop smiling the day after the proposal at Kyle and Krisha's house.

We have been together through it all.  Nursing school was definitely a test that God prepared for our relationship.  It was a stressful time, and we had to gain strength from one another to get through it.  If it weren't for Josh, I am not sure that I could have done it.  He was there with me every step of the way, supporting me, encouraging me, and quizzing me (and making up harder test questions than any teacher on this planet would have ever tried to do to a student).  He was my rock and helped pull me through.

We only thought life during nursing school was hectic.  Life after nursing school became chaotic.  I began a new job, and we had a wedding in the very near future.  Life was moving at a very fast pace.  Wedding parties and showers came and went.  We had a blast celebrating with all of our friends and family.  But the actual wedding day is one that we will never forget!

I remember the anticipation of waiting so long to finally see one another.  And then, after we said 'I do', this is what I get...

But then he did this and made up for it all!

We had the reception of our dreams.  Seriously that sounds corny, and I know everybody says that about their own weddings.  But this reception was everything that we hoped it would be and more.  We absolutely could not make ourselves leave.  We had the best time dancing and visiting with all of our friends and family that were there to share our special day with us that we didn't want to be anywhere else.

With a wedding like this (click HERE to view a short video clip of that day), who would want to leave?

After the wedding of our dreams, the most amazing honeymoon ever followed.  We still are able to go back and relive some of those days moment by moment.  It was a week that bonded us stronger than ever before while we were having the time of our lives together.  It was a trip that we cannot wait to take again!

It has been a year full of wonderful new opportunities, stress coming from more places than I ever thought possible, love that has grown more than I ever knew it could, sadness from the loss of loved ones, and strength that we have gained through one another.

Fishing trips were still abound.  And neither of us will ever forget that day in the woods when I killed my first deer...or my second one!  I have developed a love for the outdoors and a passion for things that I never imagined myself ever being interested in.  Now Josh and I buy our camo together, I know how to throw an open faced reel, and I can bait my own hook.  It is amazing the places that love will bring you!

This year has gone by faster than I ever imagined possible.  I am sad to see it go but excited at the same time to see what the future has in store for the two of us.  Almost exactly one year and seven days ago, Josh and I were driving home from our honeymoon.  I remember it like it was yesterday, turning onto our street and letting out a deep sigh.  All I could say was, "Well I guess the honeymoon is really over now, Boo."  And without missing a beat Josh said, "No.  It just started."

Happy anniversary, Joshie!  I cannot wait to spend many many more together with you.  You keep me grounded.  My world makes sense because you are in it.  I love you more than you could ever know, and I thank God everyday for giving me you.

We did it, Boo!  Our first trip around the sun!  Here's to many more!!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Great company and a crawfish boil

Another weekend gone in a flash, but what a great weekend it was!  A visitor for the weekend...mi madre, Stellar, the Lizard came to town!  It was busy and relaxing all at the same time; a perfect combination of just the right things to do.

She came in on Friday night, and we immediately took her to one of our favorite sushi places!  Saturday brought even more fun for us.  Sadly, Josh had to work all day Saturday but we managed just the girls.  We got up to donuts and milk and lounged until lunch.  Lunchtime came and we went to one of the best little burger joints in town...then the busy-ness started!  Wal-Mart (reinsert this three more times...yes three trips to Wal-Mart in a 24 hour span), dress shopping, and wandering around in and out of speciality shops.  I found the cutest dress for an upcoming wedding, and Madre and I got matching coral shirts...presh!

I created things with the Cricut for the rest of the's even more fun to create for a purpose!  Stella has an upcoming baby shower for a friend, and Josh and I are going to a wedding next week!
These initial on the paci's stand out better in person!

Getting ready for a wedding!

And of course we can't forget Lizard as we are making things!

Saturday night was a night that I have been looking forward to for a while.  Our dear friends came over, and we all visited and boiled crawfish in our new backyard!  So. Much. Fun!

A whirlwind weekend packed with fun, family, and lots of visiting.  I think we are all exhausted, but we wouldn't have it any other way!  Thanks for making the trip here, Stels!  We can't wait to do it again soon!