Monday, March 11, 2013

God Shocked

I wrote a new blog today, but as I was looking over it and adding pictures...enhancing my duress in some places...I saw something on Facebook that caught my attention. I have been following this family from around the Newton area (my hometown) in Mississippi. I don't know them...although I am sure there is some connection if I dig hard enough. Anyway this family was blessed with their first baby at the beginning of March. I don't know much about the situation besides what I read on Facebook, but from what I understand the placenta ruptured and after the baby was delivered they couldn't get a heartbeat for nine minutes. The baby is a beautiful little girl...sweet little Malley Jane. She is fighting for her life right now, and her mommy and daddy are praying and fighting too. Today I watched the video they posted last night. It made my prior blog seem so inconsequential...I knew this is what I should post tonight! Even if only one or two more people can watch this video because of me...I feel like God laid it on my heart to help them spread their message.

I was in tears watching this video seeing these two new parents volunteering to help get others closer to God when they are sitting there struggling so much watching their baby girl fight for her life. Please pray for this family. Pray for the path God takes them down.

They say the world will be "God shocked", and they are right. Only I don't know if they realize they are inspiring people, leading people to Him, and leaving God fearing Christians like myself God shocked by their bravery and trust.

Everything happens for a reason and on His time even though we may never know what it is. Please pray for this family and for their sweet baby, Malley Jane.

(You may have to copy and paste this link because I couldn't get it to upload right, but just copy 
and paste it...promise it is more than worth it to watch the sweet message!!)