Wednesday, December 3, 2014


It's weird getting old.  It happens.  We all know it.  And while maybe we aren't exactly considered "mid-life" or anything that gets a truly "old" title, we are quickly approaching it.

Here's how I know...

I am 28 years old.  (I actually couldn't remember how old I was before I typed that...I had to count back the years on my fingers.  Technically that's clue number 1, but let's not start there.)  On the inside, I still feel like I'm in high school.  I have a lot of my same high school friends, my husband and I dated in high school, sure we moved towns (states actually); but aside from that, not much has changed...I mean besides living on our own, graduating college, working full time, having a child, etc.  But really who's counting.  Let me stay on track...  Our old high school recently won the State Championship football game.  We streamed it in on our iPhones.  I feel like it was just yesterday when we were seniors cheering on the sidelines watching Josh and all our boys shoot for the championship game. It wasn't yesterday though, actually it was TEN YEARS ago. I didn't even know most of the boys on that winning team this year. That is reason number one I know I'm old.

The second way I know I'm old, some kids I used to babysit for are getting MARRIED. Seriously?! Married. Wow!

Number three...I get up early in the mornings when the house is quiet so I can have time to drink coffee, watch the news, and gear up for the day.  The young Anne Claire used to pride herself on her ability to roll out of bed ten minutes before time to walk out the door and still look semi-decent.

The fourth reason is the best reason of all though.  All of our friends (and ourselves included) are having/have recently had kids.  That's actually how old these "old feelings" got stirred up tonight.  Tomorrow is a HUGE day for a couple of our best friends.  They are having their first baby...a sweet little girl...and Josh and I could not be more excited for them.  A lot of our friends have had babies recently, it's a little different this go 'round though.  Kyle and Krisha got married exactly one year before us.  They didn't have a typical first couple of years of marriage, but they handled each situation with wisdom, strength, and absolute trust in God. Just talking to them it becomes evident that each of those situations prepared them for where they are now, it molded them into these perfectly prepared parents who are going to bring precious baby Daley up with these same strong morals and values deeply rooted in faith.  As I think about Daley's arrival tomorrow, I can't help but think of what a lucky little girl she is to be getting parents like she is getting.  I know tomorrow will be one of the biggest days of their lives, but I know without a doubt that they will handle it with the same grace and gratefulness that they have every other thing in life.
Good luck tomorrow, Uncle Kyle and Aunt Krisha! We are so excited for ya'll, we love ya'll, and we cannot wait to come meet sweet baby Daley one day soon!!

DISCLAIMER: I don't really consider mid-life to be "old". Don't take offense if this is your age group. Anyway, old is wiser, right?