Tuesday, September 4, 2012


I guess I have a few confessions to make.  A lot has been going on around here...

Grass cutting 101:
We had issues, ok...multiple issues in fact.  It probably started a couple months ago.  Actually, let me back up a little more than that...Josh and I decided not long after we were married that our lives would run a lot smoother and we would both be a lot happier if we took on "traditional" (if you will) household roles.  I get home from work earlier, so it just makes sense that I cook supper, clean the house, etc.  He has specific ways he wants the yard done plus he can work the equipment better, so those roles became his.  However, we got to a point a couple months ago where I was home a lot more often than he was because of his work/school schedule.  I felt bad and volunteered to help out around the yard and cut the grass.  Now enter non-stop rain for two weeks straight...seriously, every single day...non-stop.  The grass was thick to say the least.  So off I go attempting to cut the grass.  Josh lectured me...cut in a straight line, go slow, yada yada yada...I know all that!  I cut the front yard like a champ...had my ear buds in and went to town...jamming out and cutting grass.  In fact I had so much fun that I started just riding in circles in the front yard.  Problem with that was that I forgot to disengage the blades, sooooo I actually cut big circles in the front yard.  Ooops!  On to the back yard...

The back yard was slightly thicker than the front yard.  No biggie...I got this!  So here I go, cutting away and once again jamming out...this time since I am in the back yard and no one can see me around the fence I am also singing at the top of my lungs.  All of the sudden, just as me and Jake Owen are harmonizing just right...thick black smoke starts bellowing out of the lawn mower.  I can't even think of what to do.  All I can think is that this lawn mower is about to blow up, so I do what any logically think person would do...rip out my ear buds, jump off the lawn mower, run inside and lock the door.  I text Josh but refuse to go outside until he gets home.
No worries...I just cut the thick grass a little too fast and got the blades jammed.  I learned that when that happens one should first disengage the blades before one jumps off said lawn mower and runs inside and locks oneself in the house.  Ok lesson learned...no harm done other than I did burn out the belt, so I had to go on a hunt to purchase a new one.  And after that excitement, Josh didn't even notice the big circles I had cut in the front yard...or if he did, he didn't mention it!

Three weeks later...I decide that I should cut the grass again.  This time though, I have it figured out.  I pick up every single thing out of the yard so that I can cut without fear of hitting anything.  The grass isn't nearly as thick, so I have no worries!  Put those earbuds back in and I am off.  This time I do not get far at all before that thick black smoke starts bellowing; however, this time it is coming out much heavier than before.  But being the swift learner that I am, I now know that I should disengage the blade before I jump and run.  I didn't run this time though...I decided to investigate.  A dang tomato trellis snuck up on me.  Since I had "picked up the yard so well" I decided I didn't really have to watch where I was going while I was cutting.  Was I ever wrong!  The edge of the tomato trellis THAT I MOVED was hanging just far enough off the patio that it was able to be sucked up by the mower and wrap itself around the blades.  This time I have really done it.  I text Josh a simple :(, and I get no response until he gets off work and calls me...uh oh.  This was a much bigger oopsie; although, by the time Josh can finally unwrap the wire from around the blade all we really need is another belt (yes, that same belt that I just purchased three weeks ago).  I know how and where to buy new belts though.  So I go to the old faithful store that helped me out last time.  Oh, I bought out all of your stock of Murray belts three weeks ago?  You never have anyone need them that close together?  Dangit!

Confession #1- I am no longer allowed to cut the grass.

Josh's school take 2:
Josh started back to school a couple weeks ago after about a month break.  This semester he is taking two maths and an english.  I am not a math person, so that does not interest me in the slightest...although, I do still pledge to sit up with him and watch him do his homework.  English though...that is my thing.  In all honesty I probably should have been an English teacher...I just love it (although I'm sure most English teachers frown upon my frequent use of (...). I'm addicted.  What can I say?).  When he came home from school that day I was so excited to read his syllabus from English to see what all he would be doing this semester.  Multiple papers he has to write, a novel he has to read, short stories...I am in hog heaven.  Josh is less than thrilled.

Confession #2- I downloaded the novel Josh has to read onto my Nook so that I can read it too, and I am only SLIGHTLY embarrassed to admit this completely geek fact.

Virgin storm riders:
Josh and I rode out our first hurricane.  I feel so tough now.  In all honesty, we were spared and we were lucky.  To say that I was a nervous wreck from Sunday when I found out it was headed our way until Tuesday night when it hit would be an understatement.  Poor Josh had to listen to me constantly calling him giving him a list of more things we needed to get done.  He had it rough, but he took it all in stride.  In the end, we had a blast riding it out.  The storm ended up sending minor (in hurricane standards) weather our way.  Tons of rain and very strong winds, but that was about it.  For three days Josh and I were held captive in our house.  Ok, that is not entirely true.  Tuesday, the afternoon before Issac hit, we were riding the RZR through the subdivision checking out all our neighbors preparations.  Wednesday we ventured out while the eye was passing over us and went to his daddy's and made a trip through town before we were strongly advised to go home (yes sir officer, we are headed home...no sir officer, we were not aware we were under curfew...sorry officer.).  Thursday (once the curfew was lifted) we headed to our friend's house for cards and supper.  But for the most part for those three days, we were at home.  We watched movies, played cards, I lost at played Monopoly, anything and everything we wanted.  We did lose power around 11 o'clock Tuesday night and did not get it back until late Thursday night, but we had a nice new generator that pushed our whole house so it wasn't bad.  Aside from not being able to work (although very thankful we were both allowed to stay home), getting off our schedule, and eating everything in sight because that's the rule during a hurricane...we had a blast riding out our first storm.  We were very blessed to have been for most part spared by this hurricane...all we lost were our bottle brush trees...Josh hated them anyway.

Confession #3- We may never open our storm shutters again.  You don't know how well you can sleep until you don't have any light filter in through your windows attempting to wake you up at the crack of dawn.

Camp life:
We went camping this past weekend with our good friends, Kevin and Dawn (soon to be Mr. and Mrs.).  I am not ashamed to say that I did NOT want to go.  We only two days post hurricane, and we were heading into an area where flooding was happening all around us and dams were breaking left and right.  I got out voted, and now that we went and were safe I am so glad they forced me to go.  We had the best time riding on the golf cart, making new friends, swimming, cooking, and taking it easy.  I love camp living.  The camp ground even had a battle of the bands one day.  Even though my band of choice didn't win the contest, I still maintain that battle of the bands day was my favorite day by far.  Sadly, we had to return home yesterday.  Back to life as usual today.  Being an adult isn't nearly as fun as I thought it would be sometimes...dang bills!

Confession #4- Bud Light Lime-a-Rita. Hands down my new favorite drink.

Blog cheating:
I'm looking into another blog site.  I hate to say it, but this one will be private...password protected if I can find one.  I vow not to let that blog interfere with my ability to blog here.  I love blogging, and it was my choice to make this one public...and I still stand by that decision.  There are sometimes things that happen that I want to write about or say to get off my chest or so that I'll always remember, but some things aren't all appropriate for the public to see.  Some things I want to be able to say without fear of anyone else's eyes seeing or having to worry about what someone thinks.  Tossing this idea around, but I'm really thinking it will become a reality for me.

Confession #5- Sister blogs--looking into multiples.

Wordy, wordy today!  Lots to say I guess.  We are still doing really well around here.  Loving my sweet husband more and more every day.  Not a day goes by that he doesn't do something that amazes me.  This is sappy and I'm sorry (and yes I will try to leave this mushy stuff for the private blog for now on so you don't have to read it and gag because believe me I really do know the feeling), but I honestly don't know how I got so lucky with this man of mine.  I thank God for him every day.  I really don't know what I would do without him.

Confession #6- I love Josh Dugas to the moon and back times infinity.  Sorry!!!  Sometimes I can get sick to your stomach lovey...I try to contain myself, but I just can't help it. :)