Saturday, July 28, 2012

Whoop Whoop!


It feels so nice to be able to type that!  Even though it is not me going to school this time, I still take pride in the fact that my husband is now one step closer to his goal.  It was a tough summer for us both. I don't remember being so busy and exhausted when I was in school.  Finally, I realized that Josh is doing something that I never did...keeping his full time job while going to school and running a household all at the same time.  Of course I worked all throughout school, but the demands and hours placed on him now far exceed anything I was ever asked to endure while in school.

This is how a typical day went for us this summer...
I always left for work a little earlier than Josh had to get up and moving, but by 6:30 every morning he was up and getting ready for school.  Bringing his work things with him, he would go to school every morning from 7:30 until 10:30.  After school he would head straight to work and get there around 11 most days.  A lot of days this summer he had to work until 7pm.  As soon as he got home I tried to have supper on the table waiting.  It didn't matter much though because he had so much homework to do he would immediately get to work on homework and randomly take a bite of supper here and there when he wasn't messing with the calculator or figuring out equations.  This meant a cold, fractionalized supper for him most nights.  I sat with him every night, reading a book, watching him work...I knew I would be of no help in the math department, but I figured it might be moral support.  11pm turned into our breaking point most nights.  By that time, neither of us could hold our eyes open much longer and we knew we had to get to bed.  Unfortunately, since summer classes are so demanding because of their short schedule, this was our life every day for the past two months.  I wondered a few weeks ago why I felt so absolutely exhausted every day and felt like I couldn't catch up with anything...laying all this out now I see exactly what happened.  I also know that if I were exhausted just from being supportive, I know Josh had to be experiencing that ten-fold.  He had everything I had thrown on top of him plus the stress of school and the fact that he works HARD in the HEAT every day.  Funny thing is, he never once complained.  He never said how hard things were.  He never wanted to quit.  Even funnier is that it took me until just now to realize this.  I knew that man was amazing but the depths of that become more apparent every day.

So Thursday night was our first "school free" night.  I cooked Josh's favorite dinner in celebration and had it all set up in the living room for him when he got home.  Yes, the living room...for the first time in months we could actually watch TV and relax without thoughts of things we should be doing instead...we took full advantage of that situation.

We now have almost a solid month before school gets rolling for him again.  I have the hardest time in the beginning...I don't deal with change well.  We get into a rhythm and a schedule, and I like to stick to it.  School changes our schedule every few months...I am trying to cope.  We are hoping for an easier semester next semester.  There will be more classes, and they will be harder classes...but we are hoping that the full semester will give us the break we need when the short summer semester just wouldn't allow.

And, just in case I didn't mention it, my boo is brilliant!  The man has been studying things that may as well have been Greek from my standpoint and finished in it at the head of the class despite the amount of hours he was working at the same time.  Shout out!  This man has got it all together.  I always knew I was a lucky girl, but you never really know how lucky until times like these.

In other news...
Thankfully not much else is going on in our world.  I am trying to gain control of things of my own that I have recently begun to question, but it may take awhile before I figure all that out.  For now, I just keep trying to remind myself that God's timing is always perfect.

Also, little bro is getting married next weekend.  The Foshee family will be extending by one in seven short days.  Can't wait to get to town to celebrate with everyone!  Congrats to Jef and Eighmey...I hope that you two can find in each other the friendship, strength, and happiness that Josh and I have shared over the years.