Thursday, August 16, 2012


Faith is a powerful thing.  Letting go of a situation or in my case a possibility that is eating at you and honestly 100% letting God have it and take total control is such an exhilarating and freeing feeling.  I can't help but to believe that this is the way that we are mean to live life every day.  In fact my best and wisest friend just told me last night that "we were put here to live abundantly even though we are put through many trials".  Truer words have not been spoken.

My problem is that it is sometimes hard to let go.  The things that worry you the most are the things that I can't help but to obsess over and analyze time and time again.  But these past few days I just gave up...dejectedly just could not fight it anymore.  Things happened, I had absolutely no control, and I knew I needed help.  Not for the first time ever (because I can distinctly remember doing this a few other times and having the same outcome), but for the first time in a while I completely let go of all fear and anxiety of the unknown and turned it all over to God.  The results of that trust were indescribable.

This is not to say that everything that has resulted from this situation will be permanently for the good.  This is also not say that the next time I have issues and worries that I will be able to completely turn them over to Him right away...even though I know with all my heart, especially now, that I should.  For me, relinquishing that control (even if its only false control because ultimately He is the only one with true control) is the scariest and hardest thing to do.  For me it is like I show my love and care for people by worrying about them or I show my sincerity to a situation by worrying about it.  I know that is not how I was meant to live, but a big part of me has a hard time letting go of that nature I have.

This blog is really just to remind myself in the future when I am facing tough times that if I can just let go and let Him handle it all at His will and on His time that things will really work out like they are suppose to.  You have to have trust.  Trust in God, trust in the unknown, trust in your faith.  I pray to be reminded of this lesson daily.  I pray to still have faith even with sometimes unfavorable outcomes.  I pray that I can be the person, wife, friend, daughter, and sister that I was meant to be...I pray that I am.

God's timing is always perfect.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

What I would have said...

Well, it has happened. My Jefie got married!

Jef.  The one whom I was always think of as my baby brother.  The one I have fought relentlessly with because at one time he really knew how to push my buttons ("I'm not touching you"...oh yeah he had that one down!).  The one who has always been there for me no matter what.  The one I would do anything in this world for.  The one whom I consider one of my very best friends.

He did it!  And I couldn't be happier for him or for Eighmey.  As they begin their new life together I can't help but pray for them daily and send well wishes their way.  I have been there...I still am there.  Josh and I haven't been married all that long really.  Some days it feels like an eternity, some days only yesterday.

The rehearsal dinner/wedding/whole weekend were all so absolutely perfect!

Josh and I got to town on Friday around 3.  Not quite as early as I would have liked but honestly earlier than I expected so I was happy.  It gave us time to unload, get ready, and have time to visit with family before the rehearsal dinner kicked off.  The rehearsal dinner was absolutely fabulous!  The food was wonderful and being able to visit and get to know everyone was really nice.  We also got to see some long lost friends from back was so nice to catch up with them!  Of course with the rehearsal dinner came the traditional singing of the marriage song (or Going to the Chapel if you would rather label it that).  The Crazy Ladies being who they are, no big event could pass us by without some sort of harmony escaping in the midst of a crowded room of strangers!  Probably the only down side of the whole weekend was that the Mother of all Crazy's wasn't able to attend the festivities.  Sweet Mimi couldn't make it.  We all missed her dearly, and I tried to call her a couple of times to keep her up to date with the goings on at each event.  (On a side note, please pray for her swift recovery.)
Sadly yet understandably, Jef and Eighmey had to leave shortly after the rehearsal dinner so they missed out on all our after hours action...the Hampton Inn lobby, however, wasn't quite so lucky.

Shamelessly getting down

All the Crazy Ladies that were in attendance

The wedding day was upon us before we knew it!  The morning was hectic as all days of weddings typically are with getting everyone ready and where they are suppose to be when they are suppose to be there.  The church was very nice and just the perfect size for everyone.  Pictures went well although I must say my feelings were a little hurt by the photographer...I offered to show her some of my new Gabby Douglas inspired gymnastics moves that I have been working on while obsessively watching the Olympics each night and she politely turned me down...guess she didn't know just what she was missing!! ;)
The wedding was so sweet and went so perfectly.  Jef and Eighmey were blessed with the most precious flower girls who were an absolute joy to watch!  And after it was all over, it was RECEPTION TIME!!

Their reception was just down the road (though if I tell you the town it may be a lie because I have NO IDEA) at the Country Club...gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!  It had almost a rustic feel with wooden floors and exposed wooden beams lining the celling.  The beams were laced with Christmas lights.  It turned out to look so magical...I was beyond impressed.  The food was delicious, the wedding cake was unbelievable, and it was the perfect night of visiting with family, dancing, and just having a great time.  Jef and Eighmey looked so happy together, and in the end that is really the only thing that matters.
I absolutely loved this exit!

Of course I was a big blubbering mess when it got time to leave.  Hey, my baby brother just got married...I deserved to cry a little if I want to!

I will say I have one regret though throughout the weekend.  I suppose it was my fault because I wasn't adequately prepared.  Had I been prepared I am still not sure if I had a good enough control over my emotions to appropriately execute everything I would have wanted to say.  So maybe it worked out for the best.  Regardless, I still regret that I came unprepared for the roasting and toasting at the rehearsal dinner.  But how much more public can you get than an Internet blog site, so here goes.  Had I been prepared, this is what I would have said...

"Congratulations to Jef and Eighmey!  I cannot believe that this day has come!  You all have to know that it is hard for me not to envision my Jef as the little boy I still have pictured in my head.  I still have these vivid memories...

Memories of me at about 7 years old trying to run away from Kay Kay and Papa's house (and who would want to leave Kay Kay and Papa's I don't know) with baby Jef clinging to my leg crying for me please not to go ( Pweese don't go Anne Tare)....I didn't in case you were worried.
Memories of millions of car rides going up and down the interstate to and from Hernando.  Jef was famous for relentlessly wanting to play games.  Game after game after game.  To this day, I can still name almost every town in the state of Mississippi because of those games.  We were also both famous for always wanting to ride in the front seat.  My dad had it down though, every time on the way home we would stop exactly half way at a little nothing town just so we could swap seats!

Memories of playing games together downstairs on our old computer.
Memories of helping Jef put together a house made out of popsicle sticks for his school project that took me almost an entire weekend to complete..but hey he was my baby brother, and I wanted him to do well!
Memories of coming back home often after I moved to Louisiana and having the time of my life hanging out with Jef and his friends.

Steak and Shake one afternoon in Hernando


Christmas morning with two of my favorite boys!

All that has come and gone though.  No matter what we will always have those memories in our hearts and in our minds.
One of my strongest memories came one night that Jef called me after he moved to Hattiesburg.  Before Jef met Eighmey we used to talk every single night without fail.  After they became a couple I knew I couldn't monopolize him as much as I had, and once I got to know Eighmey I trusted her to take care of him much the same way that I always felt like I did even if it was with just a phone call.  So with her in the picture I knew we didn't have to talk every single night...she was taking care of him.  But one night he did call.  He was on his way home from work, and I was getting ready for bed.  I was making small talk, asking a little about his friends and work.  He mentioned this girl...her name was Eighmey Morrison.  He said, "She is pretty cool.  I think she is going to come over one night this week".  I could not get off the phone with him fast enough that night.  I had to get on Facebook so that I could find this girl and make sure I approved.  Well after searching for what seemed like forever I could not find any "Amy Morrison", so I did what any over bearing sister would do....I called Jef back.  He gave me the proper spelling, and he also sent me a video.  He had a short video on his phone of something that had happened at a mutual friend's house the weekend before and Eighmey happened to make a cameo on it.  That video was even better than Facebook stalking!  After that night, talk of Eighmey became more and more frequent.  By the time I was finally able to meet her I knew that this would be who Jef would marry.  I could see it in their eyes, and I could hear it in his voice.

So here's to Jef and Eighmey.  May the two of you find as much happiness in your new marriage as Josh and I have found in ours.  May you always remember to respect each other and look out for one another.  May you remember to never intentionally hurt one another, and if you do for some reason hurt each other always be quick to apologize.  Don't let other people's relationship dictate the pace of yours.  Do what is right for the two of you.  Put each other first.  Don't play into what other people tell you happens with their mate, and most importantly, don't judge your marriage based on what other people's relationships look like to the outside world.  What I know more than anything is that you never know what goes on behind closed doors.  All you can be held accountable for is what happens in your own home between the two of you.  Make each moment special.  Love each other unconditionally.  And never let the negativity of others over take you.  It is ok to fight every once in awhile.  Fight it out, talk it out, make up, and move on.  Don't dwell on past fights.  Choose your battles, and don't make every little issue a major deal.  So what if he wants to wear flip flops when you think he should wear dress shoes, who cares if she probably should have been folding clothes instead of watching TV...those are small potatoes.  Forgive each other and move on.
No matter what, no matter where life takes you or what hurdles you have to cross, don't ever lose the love that you have for one another.  Fight to make things work when it gets tough and enjoy the easiness when everything is just like it is suppose to be.  Just enjoy each other, and don't forget to thank God every day for what he has blessed you with.
I love y'all!"

That's what I would have said...and now that I read over it, it was maybe a little long and wordy...good thing it made it to the blog and I didn't take up half an hour of everyone's time that night.

Anyway, Jef and Eighmey had the perfect wedding and right now are enjoying an amazing honeymoon in Disney.  I must say that I am insanely jealous because now that Jef is in Disney I am officially the ONLY PERSON I know who has NEVER been to Disney World!  Sigh!!

Congrats Jef and Eighmey!  I love you both from the bottom of my heart!