Sunday, February 24, 2013


Well has certainly been a weekend to remember the Dugas family, and a weekend we have looked very much forward to for weeks now!

Friday night was our big gender reveal party!!  Everything didn't pan out quite how we had hoped to plan it originally, but what ever does!  We wanted to have a big party where my whole family and Josh's whole family could come to find out our baby's gender.  When we started working out dates and weekends, life got a little in the way!  We couldn't even get our gender scan until I was officially 15 weeks which happened this past Monday...that left this weekend for the perfect time for a gender reveal party.  Then we remembered our good friends were getting married that following Saturday, and it wouldn't work to have my whole family in if we just had to leave them for the majority of the day for wedding festivities.  So we looked at next weekend, but I am on call.  Then the next weekend, but we had other plans...and so on and so forth.  It got to the point that the gender reveal would have to be so far away that we knew we couldn't stand it.  So we opted for this weekend, decided to make it low key, and anyone who couldn't be here we would send them their own special gender announcement.

Friday seemed like it was the busiest day of our lives.  We have been so strapped down with school papers, projects, and studying...then add to that work...and then add to that trying to keep up a household, that everything that had to be done before Friday got done ON Friday.  Crazy!!  Not to mention I had a class to attend from 8 to 3:30 Friday before I could even start my part of what had to be done!  It was hectic, but it all worked out in the end!

Josh and his daddy started boiling crawfish around 5:30.  We ended up with a crowd of about 12 close friends and family that live in the area.  Kyle and Krisha were coming in from Mississippi for the weekend, but by 7 o'clock we couldn't wait any longer for the big reveal and they had only made half their journey.


That's right!  It's a BOY!!  We are all over the moon!  You can't see my expression since I am holding the camera (I would rather be the filmer than the filmee), but you can obviously see how incredibly excited the daddy and grandpa to be are!!  We are all ecstatic beyond words!!  Josh is envisioning fishing and hunting with his little boy.  I can see dirt, tractors, and football practices.  We can't wait!!  And now that we finally know that he is a he we can start really planning the nursery and getting everything ready for our baby boy's arrival.

Friday night brought in another surprise...

Josh's daddy handmade Baby D a beautiful bassinet.  We cannot wait to have him home and put him in it.  It will be a family heirloom that can be passed down throughout the generations.  We love it and can't imagine how much Baby D will love his Paw Paw.

Saturday was a busy, fun day!  Kevin and Dawn got married!! Josh and I were there for the actual nuptials.  We went home and picked up Kyle and Krisha after, and after a little shopping around, we all went to help set up and get the wedding reception underway!  Fun reception with great friends from here and from back home!!  We love seeing Kevin and Dawn so happy and know they will have a fabulous life together!! After the wedding was all said and done, we settled into a nice, quiet Saturday night at home...which consisted of me and Krisha sleeping on our separate couches within ten minutes of sitting down!

Today was also a nice, relaxing day.  Kyle and Krisha had to get on the road to head home, and Josh and I have been taking it easy and doing a little school/housework.

The second most exciting news of the weekend (after, of course, finding out that we are having a baby boy) was that I FINALLY got a new DISHWASHER!!!  Hallelujah!!  It has been about 8 months since mine kicked the bucket.  Josh thought I would appreciate it more if I washed dishes by hand for awhile (I really do think that was a joke though).  I, for some strange reason, insisted I didn't need a dishwasher because I could easily wash our dishes by hand.  How wrong I was.  Most days I came home from work to a sink full of dishes...only to wash them, cook supper, and have another sink full of dishes.  Ahhhh!!!  Thursday night we were at Lowe's and found the perfect dishwasher and it was on sale.  Josh insisted we get it...I still tried to resist it (not sure why)...and I am now in love!!!  I have washed two loads already..just because.  It is fabulous!!  And now I can see my sink bottom!!!  Oh dishwasher, I have missed you!!

Now on to finishing out my weekend celebrating my baby boy and enjoying my wonderful dishwasher!!

Monday, February 18, 2013

Life these days

So much has been going on since the last time I blogged!! Time to do things (like blog) is scarce now...tomorrow morning when the alarm goes off I will probably regret staying up to write this instead of stealing a few extras winks, but sometimes I guess you just have to live a little!

Life these days...busy, non-stop, chaotic, but great and wonderful at the same time!

Baby D is growing nicely!  We finally got to see him/her about three weeks ago.  It was the most amazing thing ever.  He or she is really in there...bouncing and flipping all around...the most beautiful thing I have ever seen!  We actually got to see him/her again today as well!  Today we went to an ultrasound tech's shop for an early gender ultrasound...sorry the big reveal is Friday!  Needless to  say, we cannot wait!  Heart rate was 150 three weeks ago and about 145 today.  The baby looks great, and that's all that matters to us!!

Pregnancy has been fabulous to me so far!  Now that I am safely in my second trimester, even the tiredness is starting to slowly wane away.  The sickness has stayed at bay since that first week or two, and everything has been going smoothly.  My husband may tell you to beware of my mood swings, but I can assure you that I would never have anything of the sort! ;)  Cravings come and go.  For a couple of weeks I became almost vegetarian, then all I could stomach was Wing Stop, Icees were a big hit for awhile, now I will eat almost anything and everything that you put in front of me...sadly!

We are having a great time planning and dreaming for our baby.  We can picture him or her.  We try to envision different sports teams or dance recitals we may be attending.  We are having a blast just picturing our "down the road".

Life at home is a little on the hectic side.  Josh is doing amazing in school.  He is excelling in every course; although, for some reason he hates his computer course with a passion.  We study together a lot of nights, and we take turns calling out questions to each other.  I sometimes get a little frustrated with the quizzing process.  He, on the other hand, has nothing but patience as he is quizzing me on cardiac drugs and having to give me more hints than I am willing to admit.  He is a wonderful study partner and encourager. (And I need to remember this for when our child enters school and needs someone to help with homework...Josh will be much better at that than me!)

My school is very demanding..which I expected.  It took me a couple weeks to really figure out how to manage my work schedule and home schedule and incorporate quality study time in there, but now I think I may have it down pat (knock on wood).

All-in-all it is going great!  We are trying to jump a couple hurdles around the house.  The bathroom needs a lot of a major renovation.  Josh, his daddy, and Kevin are starting to think in that direction.  I am directing all my spare time (ha! SPARE time??) to cleaning out the nursery.  This is no easy task!  We will get it all!  Thankfully we have another 5-6 months.  And when typed out, that seems way sooner than I thought!

Life in the Dugas household is going great!  It is crazy.  We are busy and exhausted most days, but in the end it will all be worth it.  Josh has the backyard looking so amazing...we love to spend all of our (non-existent) free time back there!  I am so proud of him for everything he is doing going back to school and doing so amazingly well at school.  He continues to encourage me through all my school processes and pumps me back up on those days when I feel overly hormonal and stressed.  He is definitely the rock of this family.  An amazing man and a soon-to-be wonderful Daddy...Baby D is a very lucky Baby already...and I am a lucky wife and mommy-to-be!