Thursday, December 27, 2012

2012 in Review

Well, 2011 ended with a bang...

It was such a fabulous year that I was kind of sad to see it go.  Yet come and go it did, and it made way for 2012.  A year that brought many changes and happy memories to the Dugas household!

True to Dugas style, 2012 had its fill of days consumed by fishing and hunting.  We have logged many hours on the boat and days spent happily on the water.  We found refuge in the serenity of sunrise on the water and relished in the calm that came with a day spent on the boat together and with friends.

Of course Josh and Kyle made many fishing trips as often as Josh could get to Mississippi.  The end result in all of those trips could pretty much be summed up by this... ;)

Our annual river trip was something that we did not miss in 2012.  We missed those regulars that could not make it and enjoyed the company of the new ones added to the floating trip mix.  This is the year that I was surprised by Meagen and Jaymie's arrival.  They were able to make it at the last minute, and I was over-joyed to see them when they drove up!

Aside from living our outdoors life, we had lots of exciting news between our family and friends.  Two of our best friends announced they were getting married in 2013...a wedding that we can't wait to see and be a part of!  On that same note, Jef blessed our family by marrying Eighmey and adding her to our crazy mix.  Their wedding was fabulous!  We all had a great time visiting with family and watching a young couple join as one!

Josh and I spent our first anniversary in West Palm Beach, Florida celebrating Bubba and Shell's nuptials!  It was another one of the amazing weddings we were able to be a part of, and the settings of it all were just out of this world.  We had the greatest time and were blessed to be able to spend quite a few days there with them!

My mom turned the big 5-0 in June, so of course we had to throw a surprise party....because you just don't turn 50 every day ya know!  It was fabulous!  We all had a great time, and I think she really was blown away by the surprise.

Over the course of this past year our backyard has gotten a much needed make-over.  While some of it is still in the works, it already looks like a new place.  We are now the proud owners of a brand new cedar fence that Josh built by hand.  He did an amazing job and worked so hard on it every day until it was done.  Now he is on to phase two...screening in our patio.  It is coming along slowly, but it already looks great!!  How lucky am I to have such a talented man?!

Josh started school this summer.  It has changed our lives dramatically to have to come home from work and worry about studying and papers, but we wouldn't have it any other way.  Josh is doing better in school than I could have ever imagined.  He is so dedicated, understands his material, and does amazingly well on all his tests and assignments.  Starting in January, he will be going full time to straight school and actually beginning his drafting and design courses.  I cannot wait to watch him grow on this path.  I know he will be as incredibly good at this framework as he has been over the past two semesters.  Some late night homework settings got tough, but we always had amazing friends to fall back on who would pause their meal to text us some hints when we really hit a rough spot!

In January, Josh won't be the only one in our household in school.  I found out a couple of weeks ago that I was accepted in to Nicholls State University's Masters of Science in Nursing (AKA nurse practitioner) program.  We are both over the moon with our excitement over this.  I know it will be hard with us both being in school together, but I have no doubt that God will not give us more than we can handle!  My schoolwork will actually be online for the first two years, so I will be able to maintain my full time job while I work through the program...that is a big blessing in itself!

So between weddings, school, and maintaining our outdoorsy lifestyle, 2012 has been a pretty busy year.  Thankfully we were able to spend the little down time we had getting closer to our friends and family...those who live right down the road and those who live miles and miles away.  We were shown who we could really rely on and have been able to build a very solid stronghold of friends many of whom are now closer than family.

Josh has been amazing...surprising me almost daily.  His hard-work and dedication with juggling work and school is something that I cannot even fathom.  His amazingly calm nature, forgiving demeanor, and playful attitude remind me every day how lucky I am to have him in my life.  He is my rock, my best friend, the one I always run to.

We are excited to see what 2013 has in store for us.  While we know that it may not be easy trying to juggle two school schedules and re-learning how to live as a one income household, we have faith that God will be with us guiding us through this next phase of our lives.  We trust in His guidance and His timing and know that He only gives us what we can handle.  

Here's to 2013...may it be our best year yet!!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Goodbye to twenty-five

Another year come and gone.  Twenty-Six.  I feel as old as the hills.  Really.

I do have hope though.  I am pretty sure that 25 may have been my best year yet.  I guess I have no reason not to hope that 26 could get even better!

In this past year, I have gained some real insight on myself and forced down a lot of walls that I didn't realize I still had up.  I feel completely blessed to not only have been graced with a wonderful family, I also have surrounded myself with truly amazing friends that I do not think I could live without.

My little brother, my oldest friend, my inspiration was able to find his true counterpart in life and celebrate through a beautiful wedding and reception.  This year they have really begun their lives together, and I cannot wait to watch them grow.

This year, I have found myself in activities that never interested me before.  I have become an avid outdoorsman.  I found my peace of mind through the tranquility of those early Mississippi mornings in the woods and those late Louisiana evenings on the water.

This man has shown me more about myself than I ever thought possible.  It never ceases to amaze me when I look back and see how much I have truly places that I didn't even know I was lacking.

I have found meaning through music.  I have learned that what I really need after a trying day is an escape.  I need to be able to get away from the stressors, and it took me until this year to really figure out what I need to calm myself and get back my sanity.  Work will always be crazy regardless of who you are or what you do.  There is a lot to be said for being able to reign yourself back in without sacrificing your family through hostility and wrongly directed anger.

Music is my escape.  Music that lets nothing else into my mind.  The beat overtakes me, the volume controls my thoughts, I can't think or stress about anything else.  I can feel the anxieties of the day melting away the louder it gets.

Riding around and going nowhere in particular with good for the soul music blaring is another part of that.  Running with the music beating in my ears so loudly that I can't think of anything but controlling my breathing and moving my legs is another escape.

This past weekend I found another mind saving escape that I didn't know my body craved.  Four wheeler riding.  That is what I wanted to do for my birthday.  Go to a four wheeler track, get lost in the trails, be absolutely covered in mud, not have a single care in the world.  It is what we did.  An entire weekend of breathing the Mississippi air, surrounded by dirt roads, music, and the companionship of my husband.  It did more for me than I could have ever imagined.  It was the best weekend by far.  I relished in the fact that I was with my other half, the man who some days has the ability to absolutely annoy every fiber of my being yet completes my soul all at the same time.
I loved that this was all I could see ahead of me...

And if I wanted to look behind this is the exciting scene I would find...

Twenty-five years of living.  Twenty-five years of growing.  Twenty-six is no longer on the is here.  I am trying to block out all thoughts on the fact that I am only four short years from thirty.  That really is a moot point right now, right?

For now we will just concentrate on enjoying life, living for the moment, and building our relationship and lives stronger every day.  

Birthdays come and go.  Here's to twenty-six...may you be as good, if not better than twenty-five!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012


I guess I have a few confessions to make.  A lot has been going on around here...

Grass cutting 101:
We had issues, ok...multiple issues in fact.  It probably started a couple months ago.  Actually, let me back up a little more than that...Josh and I decided not long after we were married that our lives would run a lot smoother and we would both be a lot happier if we took on "traditional" (if you will) household roles.  I get home from work earlier, so it just makes sense that I cook supper, clean the house, etc.  He has specific ways he wants the yard done plus he can work the equipment better, so those roles became his.  However, we got to a point a couple months ago where I was home a lot more often than he was because of his work/school schedule.  I felt bad and volunteered to help out around the yard and cut the grass.  Now enter non-stop rain for two weeks straight...seriously, every single day...non-stop.  The grass was thick to say the least.  So off I go attempting to cut the grass.  Josh lectured me...cut in a straight line, go slow, yada yada yada...I know all that!  I cut the front yard like a champ...had my ear buds in and went to town...jamming out and cutting grass.  In fact I had so much fun that I started just riding in circles in the front yard.  Problem with that was that I forgot to disengage the blades, sooooo I actually cut big circles in the front yard.  Ooops!  On to the back yard...

The back yard was slightly thicker than the front yard.  No biggie...I got this!  So here I go, cutting away and once again jamming out...this time since I am in the back yard and no one can see me around the fence I am also singing at the top of my lungs.  All of the sudden, just as me and Jake Owen are harmonizing just right...thick black smoke starts bellowing out of the lawn mower.  I can't even think of what to do.  All I can think is that this lawn mower is about to blow up, so I do what any logically think person would out my ear buds, jump off the lawn mower, run inside and lock the door.  I text Josh but refuse to go outside until he gets home.
No worries...I just cut the thick grass a little too fast and got the blades jammed.  I learned that when that happens one should first disengage the blades before one jumps off said lawn mower and runs inside and locks oneself in the house.  Ok lesson harm done other than I did burn out the belt, so I had to go on a hunt to purchase a new one.  And after that excitement, Josh didn't even notice the big circles I had cut in the front yard...or if he did, he didn't mention it!

Three weeks later...I decide that I should cut the grass again.  This time though, I have it figured out.  I pick up every single thing out of the yard so that I can cut without fear of hitting anything.  The grass isn't nearly as thick, so I have no worries!  Put those earbuds back in and I am off.  This time I do not get far at all before that thick black smoke starts bellowing; however, this time it is coming out much heavier than before.  But being the swift learner that I am, I now know that I should disengage the blade before I jump and run.  I didn't run this time though...I decided to investigate.  A dang tomato trellis snuck up on me.  Since I had "picked up the yard so well" I decided I didn't really have to watch where I was going while I was cutting.  Was I ever wrong!  The edge of the tomato trellis THAT I MOVED was hanging just far enough off the patio that it was able to be sucked up by the mower and wrap itself around the blades.  This time I have really done it.  I text Josh a simple :(, and I get no response until he gets off work and calls me...uh oh.  This was a much bigger oopsie; although, by the time Josh can finally unwrap the wire from around the blade all we really need is another belt (yes, that same belt that I just purchased three weeks ago).  I know how and where to buy new belts though.  So I go to the old faithful store that helped me out last time.  Oh, I bought out all of your stock of Murray belts three weeks ago?  You never have anyone need them that close together?  Dangit!

Confession #1- I am no longer allowed to cut the grass.

Josh's school take 2:
Josh started back to school a couple weeks ago after about a month break.  This semester he is taking two maths and an english.  I am not a math person, so that does not interest me in the slightest...although, I do still pledge to sit up with him and watch him do his homework.  English though...that is my thing.  In all honesty I probably should have been an English teacher...I just love it (although I'm sure most English teachers frown upon my frequent use of (...). I'm addicted.  What can I say?).  When he came home from school that day I was so excited to read his syllabus from English to see what all he would be doing this semester.  Multiple papers he has to write, a novel he has to read, short stories...I am in hog heaven.  Josh is less than thrilled.

Confession #2- I downloaded the novel Josh has to read onto my Nook so that I can read it too, and I am only SLIGHTLY embarrassed to admit this completely geek fact.

Virgin storm riders:
Josh and I rode out our first hurricane.  I feel so tough now.  In all honesty, we were spared and we were lucky.  To say that I was a nervous wreck from Sunday when I found out it was headed our way until Tuesday night when it hit would be an understatement.  Poor Josh had to listen to me constantly calling him giving him a list of more things we needed to get done.  He had it rough, but he took it all in stride.  In the end, we had a blast riding it out.  The storm ended up sending minor (in hurricane standards) weather our way.  Tons of rain and very strong winds, but that was about it.  For three days Josh and I were held captive in our house.  Ok, that is not entirely true.  Tuesday, the afternoon before Issac hit, we were riding the RZR through the subdivision checking out all our neighbors preparations.  Wednesday we ventured out while the eye was passing over us and went to his daddy's and made a trip through town before we were strongly advised to go home (yes sir officer, we are headed sir officer, we were not aware we were under curfew...sorry officer.).  Thursday (once the curfew was lifted) we headed to our friend's house for cards and supper.  But for the most part for those three days, we were at home.  We watched movies, played cards, I lost at played Monopoly, anything and everything we wanted.  We did lose power around 11 o'clock Tuesday night and did not get it back until late Thursday night, but we had a nice new generator that pushed our whole house so it wasn't bad.  Aside from not being able to work (although very thankful we were both allowed to stay home), getting off our schedule, and eating everything in sight because that's the rule during a hurricane...we had a blast riding out our first storm.  We were very blessed to have been for most part spared by this hurricane...all we lost were our bottle brush trees...Josh hated them anyway.

Confession #3- We may never open our storm shutters again.  You don't know how well you can sleep until you don't have any light filter in through your windows attempting to wake you up at the crack of dawn.

Camp life:
We went camping this past weekend with our good friends, Kevin and Dawn (soon to be Mr. and Mrs.).  I am not ashamed to say that I did NOT want to go.  We only two days post hurricane, and we were heading into an area where flooding was happening all around us and dams were breaking left and right.  I got out voted, and now that we went and were safe I am so glad they forced me to go.  We had the best time riding on the golf cart, making new friends, swimming, cooking, and taking it easy.  I love camp living.  The camp ground even had a battle of the bands one day.  Even though my band of choice didn't win the contest, I still maintain that battle of the bands day was my favorite day by far.  Sadly, we had to return home yesterday.  Back to life as usual today.  Being an adult isn't nearly as fun as I thought it would be sometimes...dang bills!

Confession #4- Bud Light Lime-a-Rita. Hands down my new favorite drink.

Blog cheating:
I'm looking into another blog site.  I hate to say it, but this one will be private...password protected if I can find one.  I vow not to let that blog interfere with my ability to blog here.  I love blogging, and it was my choice to make this one public...and I still stand by that decision.  There are sometimes things that happen that I want to write about or say to get off my chest or so that I'll always remember, but some things aren't all appropriate for the public to see.  Some things I want to be able to say without fear of anyone else's eyes seeing or having to worry about what someone thinks.  Tossing this idea around, but I'm really thinking it will become a reality for me.

Confession #5- Sister blogs--looking into multiples.

Wordy, wordy today!  Lots to say I guess.  We are still doing really well around here.  Loving my sweet husband more and more every day.  Not a day goes by that he doesn't do something that amazes me.  This is sappy and I'm sorry (and yes I will try to leave this mushy stuff for the private blog for now on so you don't have to read it and gag because believe me I really do know the feeling), but I honestly don't know how I got so lucky with this man of mine.  I thank God for him every day.  I really don't know what I would do without him.

Confession #6- I love Josh Dugas to the moon and back times infinity.  Sorry!!!  Sometimes I can get sick to your stomach lovey...I try to contain myself, but I just can't help it. :)


Thursday, August 16, 2012


Faith is a powerful thing.  Letting go of a situation or in my case a possibility that is eating at you and honestly 100% letting God have it and take total control is such an exhilarating and freeing feeling.  I can't help but to believe that this is the way that we are mean to live life every day.  In fact my best and wisest friend just told me last night that "we were put here to live abundantly even though we are put through many trials".  Truer words have not been spoken.

My problem is that it is sometimes hard to let go.  The things that worry you the most are the things that I can't help but to obsess over and analyze time and time again.  But these past few days I just gave up...dejectedly just could not fight it anymore.  Things happened, I had absolutely no control, and I knew I needed help.  Not for the first time ever (because I can distinctly remember doing this a few other times and having the same outcome), but for the first time in a while I completely let go of all fear and anxiety of the unknown and turned it all over to God.  The results of that trust were indescribable.

This is not to say that everything that has resulted from this situation will be permanently for the good.  This is also not say that the next time I have issues and worries that I will be able to completely turn them over to Him right away...even though I know with all my heart, especially now, that I should.  For me, relinquishing that control (even if its only false control because ultimately He is the only one with true control) is the scariest and hardest thing to do.  For me it is like I show my love and care for people by worrying about them or I show my sincerity to a situation by worrying about it.  I know that is not how I was meant to live, but a big part of me has a hard time letting go of that nature I have.

This blog is really just to remind myself in the future when I am facing tough times that if I can just let go and let Him handle it all at His will and on His time that things will really work out like they are suppose to.  You have to have trust.  Trust in God, trust in the unknown, trust in your faith.  I pray to be reminded of this lesson daily.  I pray to still have faith even with sometimes unfavorable outcomes.  I pray that I can be the person, wife, friend, daughter, and sister that I was meant to be...I pray that I am.

God's timing is always perfect.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

What I would have said...

Well, it has happened. My Jefie got married!

Jef.  The one whom I was always think of as my baby brother.  The one I have fought relentlessly with because at one time he really knew how to push my buttons ("I'm not touching you"...oh yeah he had that one down!).  The one who has always been there for me no matter what.  The one I would do anything in this world for.  The one whom I consider one of my very best friends.

He did it!  And I couldn't be happier for him or for Eighmey.  As they begin their new life together I can't help but pray for them daily and send well wishes their way.  I have been there...I still am there.  Josh and I haven't been married all that long really.  Some days it feels like an eternity, some days only yesterday.

The rehearsal dinner/wedding/whole weekend were all so absolutely perfect!

Josh and I got to town on Friday around 3.  Not quite as early as I would have liked but honestly earlier than I expected so I was happy.  It gave us time to unload, get ready, and have time to visit with family before the rehearsal dinner kicked off.  The rehearsal dinner was absolutely fabulous!  The food was wonderful and being able to visit and get to know everyone was really nice.  We also got to see some long lost friends from back was so nice to catch up with them!  Of course with the rehearsal dinner came the traditional singing of the marriage song (or Going to the Chapel if you would rather label it that).  The Crazy Ladies being who they are, no big event could pass us by without some sort of harmony escaping in the midst of a crowded room of strangers!  Probably the only down side of the whole weekend was that the Mother of all Crazy's wasn't able to attend the festivities.  Sweet Mimi couldn't make it.  We all missed her dearly, and I tried to call her a couple of times to keep her up to date with the goings on at each event.  (On a side note, please pray for her swift recovery.)
Sadly yet understandably, Jef and Eighmey had to leave shortly after the rehearsal dinner so they missed out on all our after hours action...the Hampton Inn lobby, however, wasn't quite so lucky.

Shamelessly getting down

All the Crazy Ladies that were in attendance

The wedding day was upon us before we knew it!  The morning was hectic as all days of weddings typically are with getting everyone ready and where they are suppose to be when they are suppose to be there.  The church was very nice and just the perfect size for everyone.  Pictures went well although I must say my feelings were a little hurt by the photographer...I offered to show her some of my new Gabby Douglas inspired gymnastics moves that I have been working on while obsessively watching the Olympics each night and she politely turned me down...guess she didn't know just what she was missing!! ;)
The wedding was so sweet and went so perfectly.  Jef and Eighmey were blessed with the most precious flower girls who were an absolute joy to watch!  And after it was all over, it was RECEPTION TIME!!

Their reception was just down the road (though if I tell you the town it may be a lie because I have NO IDEA) at the Country Club...gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!  It had almost a rustic feel with wooden floors and exposed wooden beams lining the celling.  The beams were laced with Christmas lights.  It turned out to look so magical...I was beyond impressed.  The food was delicious, the wedding cake was unbelievable, and it was the perfect night of visiting with family, dancing, and just having a great time.  Jef and Eighmey looked so happy together, and in the end that is really the only thing that matters.
I absolutely loved this exit!

Of course I was a big blubbering mess when it got time to leave.  Hey, my baby brother just got married...I deserved to cry a little if I want to!

I will say I have one regret though throughout the weekend.  I suppose it was my fault because I wasn't adequately prepared.  Had I been prepared I am still not sure if I had a good enough control over my emotions to appropriately execute everything I would have wanted to say.  So maybe it worked out for the best.  Regardless, I still regret that I came unprepared for the roasting and toasting at the rehearsal dinner.  But how much more public can you get than an Internet blog site, so here goes.  Had I been prepared, this is what I would have said...

"Congratulations to Jef and Eighmey!  I cannot believe that this day has come!  You all have to know that it is hard for me not to envision my Jef as the little boy I still have pictured in my head.  I still have these vivid memories...

Memories of me at about 7 years old trying to run away from Kay Kay and Papa's house (and who would want to leave Kay Kay and Papa's I don't know) with baby Jef clinging to my leg crying for me please not to go ( Pweese don't go Anne Tare)....I didn't in case you were worried.
Memories of millions of car rides going up and down the interstate to and from Hernando.  Jef was famous for relentlessly wanting to play games.  Game after game after game.  To this day, I can still name almost every town in the state of Mississippi because of those games.  We were also both famous for always wanting to ride in the front seat.  My dad had it down though, every time on the way home we would stop exactly half way at a little nothing town just so we could swap seats!

Memories of playing games together downstairs on our old computer.
Memories of helping Jef put together a house made out of popsicle sticks for his school project that took me almost an entire weekend to complete..but hey he was my baby brother, and I wanted him to do well!
Memories of coming back home often after I moved to Louisiana and having the time of my life hanging out with Jef and his friends.

Steak and Shake one afternoon in Hernando


Christmas morning with two of my favorite boys!

All that has come and gone though.  No matter what we will always have those memories in our hearts and in our minds.
One of my strongest memories came one night that Jef called me after he moved to Hattiesburg.  Before Jef met Eighmey we used to talk every single night without fail.  After they became a couple I knew I couldn't monopolize him as much as I had, and once I got to know Eighmey I trusted her to take care of him much the same way that I always felt like I did even if it was with just a phone call.  So with her in the picture I knew we didn't have to talk every single night...she was taking care of him.  But one night he did call.  He was on his way home from work, and I was getting ready for bed.  I was making small talk, asking a little about his friends and work.  He mentioned this girl...her name was Eighmey Morrison.  He said, "She is pretty cool.  I think she is going to come over one night this week".  I could not get off the phone with him fast enough that night.  I had to get on Facebook so that I could find this girl and make sure I approved.  Well after searching for what seemed like forever I could not find any "Amy Morrison", so I did what any over bearing sister would do....I called Jef back.  He gave me the proper spelling, and he also sent me a video.  He had a short video on his phone of something that had happened at a mutual friend's house the weekend before and Eighmey happened to make a cameo on it.  That video was even better than Facebook stalking!  After that night, talk of Eighmey became more and more frequent.  By the time I was finally able to meet her I knew that this would be who Jef would marry.  I could see it in their eyes, and I could hear it in his voice.

So here's to Jef and Eighmey.  May the two of you find as much happiness in your new marriage as Josh and I have found in ours.  May you always remember to respect each other and look out for one another.  May you remember to never intentionally hurt one another, and if you do for some reason hurt each other always be quick to apologize.  Don't let other people's relationship dictate the pace of yours.  Do what is right for the two of you.  Put each other first.  Don't play into what other people tell you happens with their mate, and most importantly, don't judge your marriage based on what other people's relationships look like to the outside world.  What I know more than anything is that you never know what goes on behind closed doors.  All you can be held accountable for is what happens in your own home between the two of you.  Make each moment special.  Love each other unconditionally.  And never let the negativity of others over take you.  It is ok to fight every once in awhile.  Fight it out, talk it out, make up, and move on.  Don't dwell on past fights.  Choose your battles, and don't make every little issue a major deal.  So what if he wants to wear flip flops when you think he should wear dress shoes, who cares if she probably should have been folding clothes instead of watching TV...those are small potatoes.  Forgive each other and move on.
No matter what, no matter where life takes you or what hurdles you have to cross, don't ever lose the love that you have for one another.  Fight to make things work when it gets tough and enjoy the easiness when everything is just like it is suppose to be.  Just enjoy each other, and don't forget to thank God every day for what he has blessed you with.
I love y'all!"

That's what I would have said...and now that I read over it, it was maybe a little long and wordy...good thing it made it to the blog and I didn't take up half an hour of everyone's time that night.

Anyway, Jef and Eighmey had the perfect wedding and right now are enjoying an amazing honeymoon in Disney.  I must say that I am insanely jealous because now that Jef is in Disney I am officially the ONLY PERSON I know who has NEVER been to Disney World!  Sigh!!

Congrats Jef and Eighmey!  I love you both from the bottom of my heart!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Whoop Whoop!


It feels so nice to be able to type that!  Even though it is not me going to school this time, I still take pride in the fact that my husband is now one step closer to his goal.  It was a tough summer for us both. I don't remember being so busy and exhausted when I was in school.  Finally, I realized that Josh is doing something that I never did...keeping his full time job while going to school and running a household all at the same time.  Of course I worked all throughout school, but the demands and hours placed on him now far exceed anything I was ever asked to endure while in school.

This is how a typical day went for us this summer...
I always left for work a little earlier than Josh had to get up and moving, but by 6:30 every morning he was up and getting ready for school.  Bringing his work things with him, he would go to school every morning from 7:30 until 10:30.  After school he would head straight to work and get there around 11 most days.  A lot of days this summer he had to work until 7pm.  As soon as he got home I tried to have supper on the table waiting.  It didn't matter much though because he had so much homework to do he would immediately get to work on homework and randomly take a bite of supper here and there when he wasn't messing with the calculator or figuring out equations.  This meant a cold, fractionalized supper for him most nights.  I sat with him every night, reading a book, watching him work...I knew I would be of no help in the math department, but I figured it might be moral support.  11pm turned into our breaking point most nights.  By that time, neither of us could hold our eyes open much longer and we knew we had to get to bed.  Unfortunately, since summer classes are so demanding because of their short schedule, this was our life every day for the past two months.  I wondered a few weeks ago why I felt so absolutely exhausted every day and felt like I couldn't catch up with anything...laying all this out now I see exactly what happened.  I also know that if I were exhausted just from being supportive, I know Josh had to be experiencing that ten-fold.  He had everything I had thrown on top of him plus the stress of school and the fact that he works HARD in the HEAT every day.  Funny thing is, he never once complained.  He never said how hard things were.  He never wanted to quit.  Even funnier is that it took me until just now to realize this.  I knew that man was amazing but the depths of that become more apparent every day.

So Thursday night was our first "school free" night.  I cooked Josh's favorite dinner in celebration and had it all set up in the living room for him when he got home.  Yes, the living room...for the first time in months we could actually watch TV and relax without thoughts of things we should be doing instead...we took full advantage of that situation.

We now have almost a solid month before school gets rolling for him again.  I have the hardest time in the beginning...I don't deal with change well.  We get into a rhythm and a schedule, and I like to stick to it.  School changes our schedule every few months...I am trying to cope.  We are hoping for an easier semester next semester.  There will be more classes, and they will be harder classes...but we are hoping that the full semester will give us the break we need when the short summer semester just wouldn't allow.

And, just in case I didn't mention it, my boo is brilliant!  The man has been studying things that may as well have been Greek from my standpoint and finished in it at the head of the class despite the amount of hours he was working at the same time.  Shout out!  This man has got it all together.  I always knew I was a lucky girl, but you never really know how lucky until times like these.

In other news...
Thankfully not much else is going on in our world.  I am trying to gain control of things of my own that I have recently begun to question, but it may take awhile before I figure all that out.  For now, I just keep trying to remind myself that God's timing is always perfect.

Also, little bro is getting married next weekend.  The Foshee family will be extending by one in seven short days.  Can't wait to get to town to celebrate with everyone!  Congrats to Jef and Eighmey...I hope that you two can find in each other the friendship, strength, and happiness that Josh and I have shared over the years.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012


I realized today that over a month has passed since my last blog post!  I knew it had been awhile, but man an entire month is getting a little extreme.  I would say that it's just because life has been so busy lately, but I am sure I have said that a time or two before already.

So what has been going on this past month?  Soooo many changes!!

First and foremost, my wonderful husband celebrated his 26th birthday yesterday.  This man...
who I sometimes feel unworthy of.  This man who I try so hard to keep up with.  This man who amazes me every single day at his hard work, dedication, and knowledge.

I guess we have had a few things going on here lately that I haven't exactly let out of the bag.  I didn't want to spread the new around until we had figured everything out for ourselves.  I think I have finally let the realization set in that we may not have it figured out ourselves for awhile and we just have to let God handle this.  Between our trust in God, our strength from leaning on one another, and many prayers from family and friends I know we can make it through this.  Josh has decided to go back to school.  Honestly, I am beyond proud and so thrilled.  I have always wanted this for him.  It almost happened about a year and a half ago right after we got married, but after varied advice Josh decided against it.  He has a great job and is a wonderful pipe fitter, but he feels like something is missing in his life.  He has decided to go back to school for drafting and design.  For the person like me who knows nothing about the lay of the land in oil terms, I kind of compare it to an architect for the oil field.  He is very excited about the future, but we are both a little nervous about the right now and the unknown of his schedule and what it may do to a job that he loves.  He started in early July, one class for the summer.  Of course this course like many others requires lots of prerequisites before he can actually get to the meat and potatoes.  This summer class is college algebra or something of the sort.  Josh is a math whiz, but still what he is doing is super hard.  I have been absolutely no help from day one.  Math isn't my thing.  That sweet husband of mine has determination though.  He goes to class every morning from 7:30 to 10:30.  After class he heads straight to work and works from anywhere between 5:30 and 7.  He comes home exhausted and heads straight to the kitchen to hit the books.  I sit up with him watching him work every night.  I know I can't help him, but I figure I am being supportive.  So by 10-11 he is finishing up for the night and wrapping up his studying.  It is a TOUGH schedule.  He is doing fabulously even though I know he must be dead tired.  We keep telling ourselves this is only for another month.  After this, hopefully, the schedule will be a little less intense in the fall.  But we don't know that for sure, and that is what keeps us anxious about the future.  Regardless, I couldn't be more proud of his determination, self discipline, and unbelievable knowledge.

That's our major change.  Besides that, we are also enduring lots of minor, insignificant changes as well.  We are working as a family to become more active.  It is hot as hell outside, but the majority of the time we would rather be outside doing something than cooped up indoors (and if you know me don't fall out of your chair reading that...I know it's hard to believe).  I started a six week fit camp about six weeks ago.  It helped to get me motivated to exercise a little more.  I don't like telling people that.  Generally for me, as soon as I tell someone that I have started exercising it is like the kiss of death, and it is not long after that I fizzle out.  Maybe this time though it will help to give me a little more accountability.  I am hoping so at least.  For now it seems to be working.  I am starting to see other changes in myself as well.  I crave salads, water, and small meals...things that generally aren't me.  It may not last forever, but I am hoping that I can at least stick to the basic principles just so Josh and I can become a little more healthy if nothing else.  This is the biggest shocker and challenge rolled all in one...we have dramatically cut back our eating out.  The reasoning behind that was really two-fold.  With Josh starting back school we needed to start cutting as many corners as we could to save money...eating out only made sense to be the first thing to go.  I can also cook a lot healthier than we can eat if we eat out, so really (besides the fact that I don't really enjoy cooking every single night) it's a win-win situation.

And on top of all those changes, I can see things changing inside of me as well.  Interests and activities are changing for me.  Josh and I both used to live our weekly night lives based on what came on TV.  We had our shows that we either watched or DVR'd religiously.  But now I honestly cannot remember the last time we really sat down and watched TV.  Occasionally we will watch whatever is on TV if we have a few minutes to just sit and chill while we eat supper, but we really aren't even watching then.  Our shows that we used to be so obsessed with have been on the DVR so long without being watched that most of them have been erased.  I don't know what it is for me, maybe work, maybe new stresses in I just feel like music is the cure for my soul.  I come home, crank up the radio, and get to work cleaning or cooking or whatever.  Maybe it's age.  Maybe we are getting old.

Two weekends ago we threw a surprise 50th birthday party for my mom.  It went off fabulously!  The attendance wasn't quite what I expected, but it didn't matter because she had a blast.  Meagen was my life-saver and ultimate decorator.  I was thrilled we were able to keep the secret for so long!

Wonderful location!

Cake was probably the biggest hit ever...ESPECIALLY with the birthday girl!!

New Nook for the 50th b'day!

Sweet Mama and Brother!

This past weekend was our annual river weekend for Josh's birthday.  It was a blast as favorite weekend of the entire year.  I love going to a place where your main priority is to relax and have fun.  We even had surprise guests with the Baker/Smith family, and it absolutely completed my trip.  We floated a quick trip down the river Saturday morning and then headed to the white sands lake for the rest of the day.  Perfect day with awesome friends who have become more like family.

The best friends a girl could ask for!

Pretty sure he loves her more than me, but that's ok because I do too!

Favorite place in the world with my favorite man!

So we have had a lot of life happening here lately.  Luckily, we wouldn't have it any other way!  Summertime isn't over yet, and I am hoping there are many more trips to the lake, staying up way to late, hanging with friends, and becoming a closer family days in our future for these next few hot months.  We will just take the changes and the craziness that ensues in stride!  What else can you do?

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Wouldn't have it any other way

Can we not address the elephant in the room and just not talk about how looooong it has been since the last time I have blogged?  I know, I know...I am terrible!

So much has been going on and at the same time so little has been going on.  For the most part we have been very mundane, but living this mundane life has kept me busy to the point of exhaustion!  Let me see if I can figure out what all has happened with us since my last post...

For starters, Josh's work schedule kicked up TREMENDOUSLY!  It was really bad around here for awhile.  He had a good attitude about it all; it was me that was the problem.  It was just so hard for me to go from us both being off work and home by 4 o'clock every day to him working 12 hours a day six days a week.  HARD!  But it has leveled off a little better and while it still isn't perfect it is much better than it was and much better than it could be.

We are the proud new owners of our very own hot tub!  I guess a better way to say that is that we are the proud new owners of a very old hot tub that was very graciously passed down to us but that weighed one million pounds, takes up half our patio, took two hours to fill with water, then would not heat so it had to be fixed, drained, and the tub.  Nevertheless, a hot tub we have, and a hot tub we very much enjoy!

Also, I have a new addition to my backyard paradise courtesy of my wonderful husband...

You guessed it...a HAMMOCK!!  I have been begging for one since the one we bought in Mexico disintegrated a few months ago.  The epitome of relaxation is me, the hammock, radio blaring, and my Nook...I know, the neighbors probably hate me...I cannot seem to regulate that radio to a reasonable volume level.  It is just so calming when it is blaring loud.  Sorry neighbors.

And of course we would not be Dugas' if we hadn't been fishing lately.  We just got back from a weekend expedition.  I may or may not have slept in at the camp, laid out leisurely on the dock while the boys fished, and then took a picture with Josh's biggest fish when they got back to the camp.  I'm not telling! ;)

This weekend we are going to a big birthday bash for my favorite little sis!  Cannot believe that Miss Morgan is FOURTEEN!!  Special blog post all about her upcoming birthday weekend will worries!'s just like I said...very mundane yet exhaustingly busy.  
Such is life, and we wouldn't have it any other way!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Beach bums for life

First anniversaries are BIG, so of course that constituted a BIG trip for us.  West Palm Beach?  Perfect!

We have been planning this trip for about a year now.  It helped that Josh's sweet brother-in-law was getting married and asked Josh to be in his wedding.  Josh was beyond honored, and I was so excited to get a chance to go to the wedding and head to the beach at the same time!

So we thought, planned, re-planned, then headed out.  After work on a Tuesday afternoon we hit the road south bound.  Yes, hit the in drove.  Drove.  THIRTEEN HOURS.  I know...we are crazy...we know that now!  Although, the trip down there wasn't that horrible.  We stopped almost exactly halfway in Tallahassee, slept about five hours, then got back on the road.

We got to town at a decent time.  We went straight to Bubba's gorgeous house, unpacked, then headed out again.  First was to a family gathering not far out of town.  Bubba's family is so amazing and fun.  We have missed being around them and were so happy to be able to reconnect and meet the ones we hadn't had the chance to meet before.  They welcomed us, accepted us, and made us feel at home.  We enjoyed so much having several days to be surrounded by them.  After family time we headed out to the beach.  It was windy and hard to see too much, but we walked out on the pier and soaked in all the ocean air!

The next day Bubba and Michelle had to work, so Josh and I ventured out on our own.  Shopping, sight-seeing, and hitting the beach.  It was a great day, but the weather wouldn't cooperate too much in the whole swimming department.  We found a tree right off the beach, and decided to try to climb it.  Hey, if we couldn't be on the beach at least we could be outside!

That night we also went out to an amazing dinner at a great place Bubba and Michelle recommended.  I have been dying to try Chilean sea bass for awhile, and that night I finally got my chance.  Go try it!  It definitely did not disappoint!

The next day we slept in and then headed out to the beach again.  This day we had MUCH better luck weather wise.  The beach was absolutely GORGEOUS!  We played in the waves for hours.  And even though I did suffer several jelly fish stings, it still didn't deter us.  It was the most amazing day!

To add to the amazing day, that night was Bubba and Michelle's rehearsal dinner.  We headed out to Michelle's parent's house not too far down the road.  Their home was beautiful, and the way they had transformed the backyard was magical.  That night we were able to visit and laugh with lots of family, new friends, and meet all different types of people over a delicious seafood boil.  The weather was perfect.  It was a great night, and it brought back so many memories for me and Josh as we reminisced about our rehearsal dinner almost exactly one year before!

Then it was time for the big day!  This was a day that we were so excited to see, but at the same time sad that it had already come.  We were so happy for Bubba and Michelle and the day that marked the beginning of their new lives.  At the same time, we were sad because we knew this meant we would soon have to head home.  The wedding was beautiful, everything fell perfectly into place!  The reception was gorgeous and fun.  Bubba and Michelle looked like they were floating on cloud 9...I mean really what else matters besides that?  We were so excited to be able to be there and be part of their special day.  Bubba's influence on Josh's life means more to us then he will ever know.  It meant the world for us to have the opportunity to be there with them.

The ONLY downfall of our entire trip was the journey home.  Honestly, I still shudder to think back to it.  Miserable is about the only word that can describe it.  We hit the road at 8PM Florida time and headed home.  I begged to stop in Tallahassee...halfway.  Josh wanted to make it to Pensacola.  It would be a further ride, but his reasoning made sense as much as I hated to admit it (and didn't).  He wanted to make it that far because we would only be a little over four hours away from home.  He wanted to stop at a hotel in Pensacola, sleep in late the next morning, and then get up and be able to hit Pensacola beach and shop around before we had to get home.  He thought the closer we were to home the more time we would be able to spend out playing.  I couldn't resist an extra day at the beach, so I was game!  Ahhh the best laid plans...

We stopped at hotel after hotel at exit after exit.  It was about three in the morning.  There were NO ROOMS....ANYWHERE!  That is when I realized that we had to push on and make it home.  We weren't going to be able to find a room because everything was over-run with spring breakers.  All I wanted was sleep and a beach (although sleep was winning and I wanted it a whole lot more than the beach at that moment).

So we drove.  And we drove, and we drove, and we DROVE!  The going home end of the trip seemed never-ending.  At 9AM LA time we finally pulled into our driveway.  I don't think we have ever been more excited to see Thibodaux not to mention our house!  

Now that we are home and almost fully recuperated, all we can talk about is how much we cannot wait to go back to Palm Beach.  We miss Bubba and Michelle already!  Even though they were super busy and semi-stressed when we were there, we were still able to have a fabulous time with them! We want to go back during a calmer time for them...a time when we can all go out together and sight-see, tour the city, and play!  We also know that no matter what, the next time we go (which hopefully will be fairly soon) we WILL BE FLYING!  No more 13+ hour drives for us!

So until next time West Palm Beach.  We will be beach bums for life!