Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Incoherencies (the fact that this isn't even a word really says it all)

It's kind of late, and I am pretty tired.  This will have to be a quick one.  Read: not too funny, not too long, probably no super cute pictures. :( I know...you can go ahead and X out now if you feel the need.

Anywhoo...we have started a new way of life.  This would be the infant/grad school/back to work full time life.  I know, I know...big sigh and lots of tears.  Been through it.  Still going through it.  Blah.  People have to work.  Bottom line.  This is what I tell myself every morning when the alarm goes off (I also tell myself, didn't I just go to bed 15 minutes ago..my hair is still damp from the shower I had just before bed).  It is a very new, very strange schedule for us that one day I'm sure we will adapt to and embrace.  I am making compromises to make it work the best I can...things like coffee first thing in the morning and waking up a few minutes early so that I can spend some quality time with my sweet baby without having to bundle him up and rush out the door help things.

It has only been two days, but this is kind of how our schedule works...so far...
I get up by 5 in the morning.  If I have Tyson's day clothes already packed, my lunch already ready, clothes for me laid out, and the coffee pot geared up, it only takes me 15 minutes tops to be ready to walk out the door.  Kinda sad...kinda awesome.  I am still on the fence over this point.  By 5:15 if Tyson's not up, I wake him up.  He gets up usually by 5:30 most days, but I need that extra 15 minutes to feed him if we want to walk out the door in time.  So he eats, I drink coffee, we watch the news, and we have a little morning chat.  I try to get him to play with me a little, but most mornings he just wants to go back to sleep after he eats...he is his mother's child.  So we say bye to Daddy, get out the house, go to the sitter, and I try to pry myself away from him....ok it's only day two, this will get better.  Right?! He's just too cute and sweet to leave!
Work. All. Day. Long.  Never knew how long an 8 hour day was until now, but thank goodness I am lucky enough to only work 8 hours.  I don't know what I would do if I couldn't see that baby by 3!
Once I get home in the afternoon it is super nice because we have quality family time.  Josh is generally done with most of his homework by then.  Tyson has napped and eaten and is ready to play.  And I am so ready to unwind and be with my two boys.  We haven't worked out the exact schematics of my studying and cooking supper just yet...it has only been two days.  Monday Tyson sat in his high chair, and we talked while I cooked...but supper that night consisted of pigs in a blanket and cut corn so it didn't take much effort or time on my part.  Tonight I had a test, so he played on his mat while I read my review to him.  We have to solidify how we will handle things like this as time goes on...right now all I can concentrate on is snuggling him and telling him how much I missed him all day!!
Today his sitter said he took much better naps, and they said their ABC's and counted.  I've been reading pharmacotherapeutic notes to him about drug treatment options for things like constipation and mood disorders...I completely forgot that we had never been over the basics like his ABC's!!  Thank goodness for her!!  She is amazing, she loves Tyson, we love her, and I am getting slightly more comfortable with the whole leaving him all day thing...slightly.  Monday I called her 3 times in 8 (actually 6 because I got to go in late) hours.  Today I only called once.  I probably will always have to call on my lunch break.  I want to call every hour of the day though, so I feel as if I am compromising!

Besides going back to work and leaving my two sweet boys all day and dealing with all the emotions surrounding that, the day before my big work return was my birthday.  27!  Best one yet if you ask me. Look at what all I have!!  I did not want a thing for my birthday...everything I want is this room with me right now (one snoring right next to me, the other grunting in his sleep in his sleeper).  Despite my insistence for no gifts, Josh was very upset about the recent demise of my coveted laptop.  Truth be told, I am in the middle of grad school, that lap top was NEEDED.  I was making it though using the big desktop though and doing what I had to to get by.  Long story short...I am sitting in bed typing this blog on my NEW MACBOOK PRO!!!  LOVE IT!!  Such a huge upgrade from my ancient, on its last leg, halfway dead one.  I can't wait until I actually have time to play with it and see what all it can do.  I would upload you some super cute pics of Tyson and his 'first day at the sitter' sign, his two month pics, etc, etc, etc....but I can't quite figure out how to move all my pictures over yet...and with this big test looming over head, I haven't really had time.  Have no fear, I will figure it out soon!

OK..boring tonight I know.  Sorry for the lack of humor (not that any of my posts are saturated in it).  I am not even sure if all of this is coherent.  Here's to hoping you can make sense of this...and that my hair is slightly drier in the morning!!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013


It was all going so well last night. Too well..

Lately I have been thinking about it, and I have been so proud of myself for being able to get things done around here with a newborn.
Umm excuse me...I didn't realize until yesterday when Tyson was having his second trial run at the sitter's (and I wasn't an emotional wreck watching the clock the WHOLE time) that I have actually been getting nothing done these past few weeks! Nothing measurable at least. In the 3 hours Tyson was at the sitter's I was able to finish and submit two school assignments, clean the house, fix lunch, and eat. These things generaly take me an entire day to accomplish, and they don't all get done in the same day. But what I am accomplishing all day..although nothing outwardly observable...is so much more important. Rocking a sleeping baby, watching him learn to interact with different things, gaining his trust, and learning his needs and wants is so much more rewarding than the million things I can get done when he's at the sitter's or visiting family or where he may be. I have no job that is more important or more rewarding than being Josh's wife and Tyson's mom!

Fast forward to later last night...
I have cooked this delicious dinner that I actually created (and if you know my cooking skills this is big), the house is clean, the baby was playing happily and is now quietly napping...I have time for a shower before our bedtime routine needs to start! Score!!
Just as I'm thinking what a lovely day/night it has been...BOOM! Tyson wakes up as I'm drying off and decides he's hungry NOW. Josh has done something to his toe, is bleeding profusely, "almost passed out", and would probably benefit from some steri-strips at the very least...oh and he needs someone to clean up his blood. Tyson is screaming at the top of his lungs as I try to put on his pajamas that he is quickly out growing (the size says 3 months, you are 8 weeks, these must fit!). Then I notice the dog has eaten another diaper. Oh yes I said another. He ate one a week and a half ago, and I have been painstakingly monitoring him and his stools for the past ten days. Fun! I holler at Josh about the dog's latest culinary delight, and he ventures out of the bathroom to see...tracking blood everywhere he goes. Tyson is still screaming as I try to quickly fix his bottle (not easily or quickly done with a screaming infant in your arms). Josh decides Beaux needs to
vomit. "No, I don't think it would be a good idea to stick your fingers down the dog's throat". Finally Google leads him to hydrogen peroxide. I try to help him measure peroxide into the turkey basting syringe as I mix the bottle. Poor screaming baby..that paci just ain't cutting it. Finally the bottle's ready. Josh gives Beaux the vomit inducing concoction. We finally all sit down quietly in the living room. Then the concoction works, and Josh and Beaux make a beeline for the front door. Tyson is content and eating away, and Beaux is in the front yard regurgitating a diaper. Sorry neighbors! This went on for almost ten minutes. Finally he seems done. Tyson has been fed, changed, swaddled, rocked, sang to, and is sleeping peacefully in his rock-N-play. The dog is passed out in his bed probably in fear of vomitting again. Josh's toe has now been bandaged, and he's sleeping quietly.ehh snoring a little but whatever. And I'm laying here thinking about that perfect day we had today and how it got so much better because life got thrown into the mix!!
AND the fact that I may need a stiff drink..it's never too late for a tottie right?!